Identifying Best Practices When Using QuickBooks Online

Identifying Best Practices When Using QuickBooks Online

Browser Tips

The tips below are based on Google’s Chrome browser, which is the most recommended browser for QuickBooks Online. However, many of these tips work in other browsers as well:

Step 1 - Click a choice in the left navigation bar, +New menu, gear icon, or other access points, drag it up and click again to access it in a new tab in the existing browser

Step 2 - Log in to a QuickBooks Online company (including the test drive company), right-click your browser tab, left-click Duplicate. (You can repeat this as many times as you like.) Now you have multiple tabs logged in to the same QuickBooks Online Company. You can then navigate to another access point in QuickBooks Online in one (or more) of the tabs so you have two (or more) tabs open to the same company showing different areas of QuickBooks Online.

Step 3 - Pull one tab out of the browser window, drag it to another monitor and click to release it; you can now work in QuickBooks Online on two different screens side-by-side. You can work on these two windows independently of each other. Repeat, as needed to run QuickBooks Online in more than two monitors, if you have them.

Step 4 - Chrome allows you to create different users (Profile or picture of user Add Choose a name and a photo Add). If you have two or more different QuickBooks Online companies, you can log in to each of them using a different Chrome user and operate each account simultaneously. (Or you can log in using two or more different browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, or log in as an incognito user.)

Step 5 - Log in as a separate dedicated Chrome user that you will use for your QuickBooks Online companies. Open the screens you use most often and bookmark them (click ) to create a QuickBooks Online bookmark icon to be used with multiple QuickBooks companies.

PRO TIP - If a company has special screens you use regularly, create a folder on the Chrome bookmark bar, bookmark those screens and save in the folder

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